Lynn Williams, MC CST

Lynn Williams has her Master's in Counseling and is a Certified Sex Therapist for The Williams Effect.  She's a fierce proponent of men, women and couples having a healthy and fulfilling sex life.    Lynn also has had specialized training in Sexuality Training And Research (STAR) and presented her research findings at a conference at Columbia University affiliated with STAR.  

Lynn's passion is helping people achieve a healthy intimacy, a great quality of life and reaching your utmost potential.



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 The Williams Effect started with a simple premise: That everyone should have a happy healthy sex life whether with themselves or in a relationship.


While sex is only one aspect of a person's life it does drive and effect us on many levels from our self-esteem to the wellness in our intimate relationships.  Quite often unresolved past trauma will come to light and interfere in your most intimate trusted relationship.  However, even more common is that another problem in the relationship which has nothing to do with your sex life, creeps into the bedroom and then the rest of your relationship is effected by the lack of the sexual intimacy in the relationship, and erosion of the relationship really starts.  

The style of practice is open yet direct, empowering, supportive yet challenging for men, women, and couples, including the GLBTQ community.  This therapy is  collaborative union between therapist and you, the client.  We want you to succeed!  To become the best you it will not be easy, it will take work and going through some uncomfortable things but we don't want you just better we want more, we want you to succeed and become the best you, you can be!  

We'd love to see you today to help guide you through therapy that is tailored to your own personal needs.